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Confronting Christianity on TED reading list!

Today, Confronting Christianity was featured in the TED Talks Summer Reading List!

Last week, I was delighted to hear from MIT professor and TED speaker Rosalind Picard that she had submitted Confronting Christianity to TED's "giant summer reading list: 151 books to dive into right now"

You'll find it half way down the list, right after Christopher Hitchens' magnum opus, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I appreciate TED's commitment to diversity of ideas. I also greatly appreciate Roz's willingness to pitch a book that advocates for orthodox Christianity.

If you're not familiar with Roz Picard, she's high up on my list of people I want to be like when I grow up! Roz became a Christian when she was a teenager, having previously considered herself a proud atheist. She's now a professor at MIT and a world expert in the field of "affective computing" - a cutting-edge field of computer science that she basically invented! Roz's research focuses on training computers to recognize and simulate human emotions, and its applications range from helping people with autism navigate relationships, to helping people with epilepsy anticipate seizures. Watch her TED Talk here to find out more!

Above all else, Roz is unrelenting in her commitment to witnessing to Christ. She's spoken at multiple Veritas Forum events in universities, including at MIT, and her testimony was recently featured in Christianity Today. Take a few minutes to get to know her work and witness. I guarantee you'll be encouraged!

And, if you've been thinking of giving Confronting Christianity to a non-believing friend, but haven't quite known how to bring it up, try mentioning that it's on the TED summer reading list. You may find that piques their interest!

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