I snapped this photo from a rickshaw in New Delhi, after leading a speaker training conference for Christian professors.  India has one of the largest populations in the world, and one of the smallest proportions of Christians.  Many obstacles lie between this young man and encountering Jesus: in his world, Christianity does not seem plausible. 


My hope whenever I speak is to illuminate the plausibility of the gospel.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:Be

March 2-3, 2020

Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, GA

March 28, 2020

Hope Fellowship Church

Cambridge, MA

Baptist Student Union, Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, OK

First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

April 24-5, 2020

Mosaic Church

Richardson, TX

April 26, 2020

Eagle Heights Church 

Stillwater, OK

June 11-13, 2020

The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference

Indianapolis, IN

October 2-3, 2020

Thrive Apologetics Conference

Sacramento, CA

October 9-10, 2020

The Gospel Coalition Women's Training Network

Concord, MA

February 8-12, 2021

Cambridge Intercollegiate Christian Union Mission

Cambridge, UK

March 6, 2021

Medway Community Church

Medway, MA

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The sands aren't running out...

At the 2019 Gospel Coalition conference on evangelism, I argued that to grasp the gospel opportunities before us, we need to reclaim diversity, reclaim the university, reclaim morality, and reclaim sexuality.



What is our identity in Christ?  I gave this talk at a women's retreat, drawing on three of the beautiful gospel accounts of Jesus interacting with women: a sinner, a student, and a sufferer.

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