Confronting Christianity:

12 hard questions for the world's largest religion was published by Crossway, April 2019, and named "2020 Book of the Year" by Christianity Today, and apologetics and evangelism book of the year by The Gospel Coalition.


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Religion’s decline in the modern world turns out to be a myth. Christianity is the most widespread global belief system, and promises to remain so. But for many educated westerners, biblical Christianity is a dangerous idea - challenging some of our deepest beliefs.


Channeling state-of-the-art research, personal stories, and careful biblical excavation, Confronting Christianity explores 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. Look more closely, McLaughlin argues, and the reality of suffering, the complexity of sexuality, the desire for diversity, the success of science, and other seeming roadblocks to faith become signposts. Jesus becomes not a relic from the ancient world, but our modern world’s best hope.

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"Confronting Christianity blends intellectual rigor and beautiful writing with honest, empathetic humanity. Readers will find themselves confronting not only Christianity but also themselves—their worldviews, hopes, fears, failures, and search for identity and satisfaction.”

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University

John Lennox

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"Dr. McLaughlin probes some of the trickiest cultural challenges to Christianity of our day, and clearly demonstrates the  breadth and richness of a Christian response. It is well worth reading, and pondering."

Professor of Epidemiology, Director of Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University

Tyler VanderWeele

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"In this bombshell of a book, packed with myth-busting stats, McLaughlin reveals the many surprises of authentic Christianity."

President, Tyndale House, Cambridge; author, Can we trust the Gospels?

Peter Williams


“In this deep and caring book, McLaughlin’s answers to serious questions provide not an easy stroll of imagined virtual reality, but an adventurous rocky pathway through to true and abundant life.”

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT; author, Can a scientist believe in miracles?

Ian Hutchinson


"Confronting Christianity will help you understand the hard questions of the Christian faith while also igniting a love for neighbor. McLaughlin doesn't shy away from tough questions about diversity and the nations, as well as slavery and facing America’s past and present. Her insightful answers have the potential to transform a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Take up and read.”

Author, If God Is For Us; Fear and Faith; and United

Trillia Newbell


“McLaughlin writes with empathy, energy, and understanding. She has studied widely, thinks deeply, and argues very persuasively. This is an outstanding resource for the skeptic, the doubter, and anyone who is ready to engage with some really compelling thinking.”

Speaker, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Author, Is God Anti-Gay? and 7 Myths About Singleness

Sam Allberry

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“McLaughlin’s defense of the Christian faith is what all defenses should be: sensitive, smart, and sound. Confronting Christianity is a book I will draw upon myself and recommend widely to believers and skeptics alike."

Author, On Reading Well and Fierce Convictions

Karen Swallow Prior


“Written with unflinching honesty, rigorous clarity, and deep compassion, this book will surprise you and likely change the way you think about Jesus."

Cofounder, Desiring God; author, Not by Sight

Jon Bloom

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“If you’re not a Christian and have wondered why Christians think and do as we do, this book will help you understand. If you’re a believer, this book will equip you intellectually and call you to compassion and empathy for your questioning friends.”

President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

Russell Moore

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"I never thought an apologetics book could be such a page turner! I love every bit of this. It’s ministering to my various doubts and frustrations. Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, PLEASE read this clarifying and refreshing book!"

Author and spoken word artist. Author of Love Made

Quina Aragon


"A fresh voice, arresting arguments, and an easy-to-read style. McLaughlin writes for curious thinkers everywhere, and handsomely repays the open-minded reader."

Author, Long Journey Home

Os Guinness

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"As I read through Rebecca’s crisp reasoning and winsome presentation of her response to each difficult question, I found myself thinking “Yes, of course!” and beginning to imagine that I might be able to respond to such questions more capably having read this book."

Author and Bible teacher

Nancy Guthrie

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