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10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask!

The junior version of Confronting Christianity is out! 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) About Christianity (Crossway, 2021) dropped on March 16 and sold out on Amazon that day! It's now back in stock, so you can get it there, from Crossway direct or from any Christian retailer.

If you want to find out more about the book, read this extract from the "Note to parents, grandparents, and friends," published by Christianity Today.

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Does anyone have a really good list of discussion questions you came up with for this book? I am reading this with a girl I'm discipling by request of her mother but I'm not quite sure what to ask the student about and I don't have much time to prep lessons.

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I have mixed feelings about references to HP and similar stories. At the same time if I'm trying to connect to a lost person I need to be able to interact in ways that make sense to them. I regularly go to karaoke bars and sing. I don't use alcohol and I'm careful not to compromise my Christian witness but I've had people tell me I shouldn't be hanging out in a bar. I hope I'm wise enough to know how to represent my Lord well even in questionable places....

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I liked the book, but mixing a book about the bible with non-christian movies should not be happening

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The references to the Harry Potter series is disconcerting....I was shocked! The writer of HP series consulted with witches -they are real spells! Horrible, absolutely horrible!

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Antwort an

I agree

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This is arguably one of the most sharpest and brilliant insights into issues currently facing Christianity in the west - and in particular as these issues relate to emerging generations. Gospel-driven, culturally-relevant, rigorously faithful to Jesus' teachings, and all without the ignorant judgemental piety that we Christians sadly have a 'well-earned' reputation for. As a husband, father & pastor, I cannot commend this book (and 'Confronting Christianity') enough. A must read.

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