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Effective public speaking is both an art and a science.  Peer-reviewed research confirms things orators have known for millennia.  For example, that metaphors unlock persuasion.  But research has also surfaced less intuitive - even counter-intuitive  - ways to reach an audience.

Many leaders have good instincts about how to connect, but few are equipped with all the principles that are known to keep people's attention, change their minds, and activate their memory.  We tend to get into ruts, allowing people to tune in and out in the moment, and to forget what we have said soon after. 

I have extensive experience helping individuals to craft and deliver compelling talks.  My approach weds years of immersion in literature with the latest insights from communication studies.  I work with people on a specific presentation, but the principles they learn are applicable in any other context.

I have also developed training workshops that can be tailored to the needs of your group or network (e.g. a one-day workshop for a church-planting network, or a series of one-hour sessions for a group of ministry leaders).  

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Christian Lundberg

Associate Professor of Rhetoric, UNC - Chapel Hill

"As a communication professor and consultant, I’ve worked with speech coaches across a number of industries. Rebecca is without equal in her ability to both craft messages and coach clients on how best to deliver them. Her advice—both about strategy and execution—is backed by cutting edge research, and informed by her years of work with prominent public speakers. She is a joy to work with, and manages to deftly walk the razor thin line between giving frank feedback and encouraging her clients. I’d recommend her to anyone enthusiastically and without reservation.”

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Professor training,

New Delhi, June 2016

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