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Here are our current faculty and consultants.

Harvard professor

Tyler VanderWeele

"If one could conceive of a single elixir to improve the physical and mental health of millions of Americans - at no personal cost - what value would our society place on it?"

Berkeley Professor

Lara Buchak

"“Faith doesn't require believing more strongly than the evidence suggests.  What faith requires is being willing to act on the basis of the evidence you have."

MIT Professor

Ian Hutchinson

"When I became a follower of Jesus, when I was an undergraduate at Cambridge University, quite a few of my friends said or implied that I was committing intellectual suicide. 


35 years later, it doesn't feel like suicide."

Harvard Law Professor

Ruth Okediji

"I would beg God to let me go into full-time ministry. I wanted to be with Campus Crusade, but it was clear as day to me that he just kept saying no."

Cornell Professor

Praveen Sethupathy

"What was it that stood out for me in Christianity? It was meeting the unique person of Jesus. He’s the supposed hero of the story, but he’s naked and broken on a cross."

Oxford Professor

Ard Louis

 "People often ask me if my science causes me to doubt God.  I think the opposite is true."

MIT Professor

Cullen Buie

"Jesus is compelling to me because I find the need to rehearse the gospel message every single day.."

Harvard Professor

Mark Separd

 "For me, the most powerful testimony on a daily basis is Jesus being the foundation of everything good that we all long for and strive for."

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