CT podcast and gospel hospitality

Where does hospitality begin and end? How far does family stretch? Does the second commandment implicate where we sit in church? Last week, I had the pleasure of talking about gospel hospitality on Christianity Today's Quick to Listen podcast (see here). CT invited me for the interview because the article I had written on extending family beyond family in church had been shared over 9000 times but had also generated a lot of controversy! I engaged with some of the critiques in last week's blog post (see here). But I wanted to share another quick thought. I recently finished reading Rosaria Butterfield's challenging book The Gospel Comes With A House Key. I have experienced her "radic

Extrovert bias or biblical imperative?

Last Thursday, Christianity Today Women published a version of an article from this blog : 5 reasons I don’t always sit with my husband in church. I wanted to share three kinds of reactions to the piece so far, and a few theological observations. 1. Multiple single people have said how much the piece resonated with them. Some who have never been married have shared how they experience church as an underscore to their singleness. Others have lost their husbands by death or divorce and find themselves feeling out of joint in church. One young woman shared that she and her children had not been to church since her husband died and she had moved house, but that the article had tipped her ove