6 Cracks in a Secular Worldview

This article was published by The Gospel Coalition . Read it there or below. “You think what I believe is crazy, right?” I said to a Jewish-atheist friend. His girlfriend kindly intervened, “No, he doesn’t think that!” “Yes he does,” I said. “I believe that the whole of human history hinges around a first-century Palestinian Jew who died on a cross and was raised from the dead. That’s crazy, right?” My atheist friend agreed. “But the problem is,” I responded, “I think you believe crazy things, too.” When our friends hear the claims of Jesus, they wonder why we’d believe such fantastical things when there is a perfectly rational, coherent view of the world available to us. But if we look a

The true heartbreak of reading the Bible

Have you ever had your heart broken? I have. I could tell you what happened. But instead I’m going to tell you what didn’t happen. No one called an ambulance. No one checked my blood pressure. No one attempted CPR. Is it true that my heart was broken, when my blood was still pumping? Is the pain of a broken heart with no medical implications any less than the pain of a cardiac arrest? If you’ve ever been brokenhearted, you’ll know the answers. You’ll also know that true and literal are not interchangeable concepts. Our lives are littered with metaphors. We bust our gut working. We love with our whole hearts. We literally die of embarrassment. Recent research in communication stu