A female Doctor?  That’s nothing.  Let’s talk about the real controversy in Doctor Who

On Christmas Day, the British sci-fi series Doctor Who will break new ground as the Doctor regenerates into a female body. After 12 male Doctors over a 54 year history, the casting of Jodie Whittaker might seem audacious. But for a show featuring a female, pre-historic lizard-like warrior, married to a 19th century, human maidservant, the switch of the thus-far male Doctor into a woman’s body is practically tame! At the heart of the series lies a much more controversial crux. While the treatment of religion in Doctor Who is almost always negative (witness the murderous headless monks, the life-sucking weeping angels, and the portrayal of the 51st century church as a purely military operatio

Jane Austen's answer to Atheism 2.0

200 years after her death, how would Jane Austen respond to the new, new atheism? In his TED talk, “Atheism 2.0,” School of Life co-founder Alain de Botton offers us a “kinder, gentler” atheism. Belief in God is clearly implausible. But we should not, he argues, lose the baby with the doctrinal bathwater. We should retain the best aspects of church, and just replace scripture with culture. De Botton gives an example. Where Christians in the black, Pentecostal tradition might respond to preaching with an enthusiastic outburst - “Thank you Jesus; Thank you Christ; Thank you Savior” - inspired atheists need not miss out. After hearing a rousing secular message, atheists could invoke their her